The New Couple Hoodies Range

So whats new at Route, well we are here to present our new range of hoodies dedicated to couples. The idea has been driven into us from one of our partners who truly believes, although we are looking at a fairly narrow market, they are an item that couples love to be seen in.

We wondered how to combine this new idea within our existing Route range and in the end it was fairly easy. We know couples love to ride together and need to stay warm when they stop so what better way to pull out your new matching hoodies and combine staying warm with sharing a moment of bonding together.

What did we end up going with? Well there are many different variations in the matching hoodies range, we liked the king and queen couple hoodies style and thought about how we could develop our own hoodie around this.

After many months of thought and various designs thrown in the bin we have all agreed on what we think is an incredible looking, high quality product that will fit in with the rest of our range.

We have been field testing the new matching hoodies when going out while also asking some of our close friends to help us out with the trials. We have had, for the most part a positive reaction. We were not expecting this style of hoodie to be for everyone but we think with that amount of good response we received we are ready to sign them off and add them to our production.

It’s exciting times here at Route, join us soon in our new clothing range and enjoy the ride.