The New Couple Hoodies Range

So whats new at Route, well we are here to present our new range of hoodies dedicated to couples. The idea has been driven into us from one of our partners who truly believes, although we are looking at a fairly narrow market, they are an item that couples love to be seen in.

We wondered how to combine this new idea within our existing Route range and in the end it was fairly easy. We know couples love to ride together and need to stay warm when they stop so what better way to pull out your new matching hoodies and combine staying warm with sharing a moment of bonding together.

What did we end up going with? Well there are many different variations in the matching hoodies range, we liked the king and queen couple hoodies style and thought about how we could develop our own hoodie around this.

After many months of thought and various designs thrown in the bin we have all agreed on what we think is an incredible looking, high quality product that will fit in with the rest of our range.

We have been field testing the new matching hoodies when going out while also asking some of our close friends to help us out with the trials. We have had, for the most part a positive reaction. We were not expecting this style of hoodie to be for everyone but we think with that amount of good response we received we are ready to sign them off and add them to our production.

It’s exciting times here at Route, join us soon in our new clothing range and enjoy the ride.

Who Are We

Everything we do has people and the environment at its core. We believe that every action can contribute to making big changes, one small revolution at a time.

We use sustainable materials including: fair trade, organic cotton and bamboo. These materials help our products to feel and look great, whilst also standing the test of time.

Our products are designed and, where possible made in the UK.

We make clothes that celebrate our love for couples that love bicycles and cycling culture.

What does Sustainability mean for Route?

For us, sustainability means having as low an impact on the environment as we can. We choose natural materials like cotton, wool and bamboo for our clothes as these materials can be grown and sourced in low impact ways. We endeavour to support the responsible producers of these fantastic materials so that everyone can benefit and be part of a system that promotes the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Sustainability means supporting local: local people and businesses, local producers and growers, local industries and methods.

Sustainability means manufacturing our products as in a low impact way which for Route means: close to home. As a Scottish brand our goal is for all of our products to be manufactured in Scotland. This will be a huge challenge however, we are well on our way: our new winter range of couples hats, our lightweight cycling caps and the printed elements of our t-shirts are all made in Glasgow. Currently our t-shirts are made in Europe.

Sustainability means using environmentaly friendly produced power (such as solar and wind) in the production of our products and in the running of our business. This is an area we are looking to develop over the coming months and years.

Sustainability means minimising the waste that is produced through supplying our products to you. We use recycled or pre used boxes in the delivery of our products. We use sustainably produced paper and recycled paper for all of our notes and receipts which can also be recycled. We use natural fibre thread for tagging our products. One challenge we are working on is how to package our products. Currently, all of out products are supplied in individual plastic bags which has many benefits such as making handling easier and keeping products clean and dry until they reach their destination. We are working on a more environmentally friendly solution that will enable us to maintain our current quality standards.

Sustainability means delivering our products to you by the most environmentally friendly means possible. For local deliveries this is easy: we often deliver to customers by bike! However for those further afield we rely on couriers and delivery companies. This is an area we are looking to develop over the coming months and years.